The Boschstraat Quarter East 1829-1904: a different presentation

Thijs van Vugt


In 2015 I defended my doctoral thesis A working class neighbourhood under the smoke of ‘De Sphinx’. A socio-spatial history of the Boschstraat Quarter East in Maastricht, 1829-1904. Originally this study was worked out in conventional historical methods, although the data were digitalized (on the basis of Excel). In this article I explore the adaptation of these data in a geographical information system: what are the possibilities and the constraints of (in my case) ARCGIS? Certainly this software offers positive effects, which above all can to be seen in the visualization by the maps: better than the Excel-schedules they show the heterogeneity and variaties in the neighbourhood. Sometimes these maps guide to new questions and a different analysis. On the other hand it shows that ARCGIS also has certain limitations, as a result of which the conventional historical methods should be maintained. 

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Jaarboek 2018
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